THE CRS – Complete Refinish System

  • The CRS StandardPrepare and paint in the Same Area
  • Infrared Baking for faster drying
  • Ideal for Waterborne paints
  • Reduce car movement
  • No use of fossil fuels
  • Cheaper to run 

Profitability of The CRS – The $500K Club

By combining the preparation and painting areas into one, less time is spent moving cars from one location to another. In addition, work is don all in the same location, reducing the time wasted walking between jobs and allowing a greater level of focus on the job at hand.

Infrared baking only adds to the versatility and speed at which a CRS can process vehicles and reduces the dependence on fossil fuels. But the real saving is in the directed heat:

Infrared energy only applies heat where it is required!

Where a conventional booth will heat all of the air within a cabin, in order to heat the components, Infrared is light energy, that only heats the areas required. Having this directed heat results in faster baking times as well as minimal wasted heat – heat you pay for so it can go out your stack!

As the video below demonstrates, The CRS is the profit making machine:

But how does it work?

The following video explains exactly how the CRS achieves these remarkable results!