Truck & Bus Booths

Monarch Industries has utilised Research and development team to produce specialist series of booths, for the truck Industry. These systems have been installed at numerous sites in :

  • Byrne Trailers, Wagga WaggaAustralia
  • Dubai
  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • and many more


Truckfront2Ultrafinish 882 – Mark 6©

As with aircraft, truck spraying and baking is a specialist area of practice within the spray booth industry. This is due to the large volumes of air movement and displacement required around the vehicle.

All Monarch Booths are designed to meet the highest OHS&W protection of the user, and this has been transferred to the larger volume models.


Truckfront1Monarch has created numerous booths in the South East Asia region, supplying our world-class booths at competitive prices

Training is provided to spray painters and operators by Monarch management to ensure the maximum usage and efficiency of operations.






pp1The essential principle in effective and efficient spray painting is the removal of hazardous substances and volatile air born matter from the internal atmosphere.

This process is the catalyst for the hardening process. Air volume is an integral factor in this process, not considered by many of our competitors.





Truckfront3The concept of volume requirements invented by Monarch’s research and design team allows us to produce booths with the optimum volume of air, to effectively dilute the contaminants in the atmosphere.