Train Booths

Monarch Industries has developed booths and spray bake systems unique to the requirements of the rail industry. More specifically, these booths need to accomodate locomotives with relative immobility and more complex refinishing requirements.

Often the inability to easily relocate trains necessitates incorporating caustic wash bays into the design of the booth structure to allow old carriage surface to be stripped from the train for a fresh coat.

Monarch’s criteria on which we guarantee our products are:

  • Innovation and technology
  • Superior Quality of our systems
  • Outstanding refinishing potential
  • Safety for operators; and
  • Cost efficiency and longevity of Monarch Products and services for clients
  • Designing ‘Custom Built’ solutions


Air movement and volumes around the carriage to achieve the perfect automotive finish required has been addressed in the numerous train booths designed.

Monarch have been able to resolve surface tension problems associated with spraying water-based paints, and enhance their capabilities due to its developed air movement systems.

Booths produced for rail corporations, like others within Monarch’s range, are built using indirect fired heat exchangers, linked to an advanced heat recovery system and accumulators. This improves energy transfer and enables testing of levels of combustion residue, to comply with Federal and State Legislation.


Through constant measurement of airborne substances, owners are able to maintain compliance to OHS&W guidelines, therefore ensuring that they are allowing their employees to operate under the safest means possible.