Automotive Booths

A Monarch Spray Booth is an electrical device, designed and constructed to dilute explosive atmospheres during spray and bake cycles.

The Monarch Ultrafinish 882 Series has unique Safety Devices, including the following:

  • Heat exchange system to protect the operator from the residue of combustion,Safety ‘shut-down’ system indicating blocked inlet and exhaust filters, Pressurised internal light system, removing particles and vapors from the light cavities,Exhaust filtration housed separately from the booth enclosure,Toughened Safety glass in viewing windows and lights,
  • Equipotential bonding design to prevent static discharge and greatly reduce fire risks.

These Safety Design features and more make the Monarch Booths leading edge in their field and the safest choice for any operator.

882Mark1Ultrafinish 882 – Mark 1©

  • A General purpose automotive spray baking oven; Designed with roof mounted heating and handling units; Gas, diesel or electric heat systems can be installed for baking
  • Single or dual fans can be installed for baking.

Available to all international customers.

882Mark2Ultrafinish 883 – Low Profile©

  • A traditional spray baking oven with top mounted or side mounting running gear;Heated by gas, diesel or electricity; Single or twin fan; Available in different configurations; Drive through access;
  • Electrical options are available in both single and three phase supply.

Available to all international customers.

882Mark3Ultrafinish 884 – Water Based©

  • This booth is specifically designed to enhance the spraying characteristics of water based paints;Equipped with longitudinal heat exchangers and heat recovery accumulators;Heating systems can be either gas or diesel with single or dual fan circulation;
  • Heat exchangers are roof mounted.

Available to all international customers.

882Mark4Monarch Specialised Booths©

Given our ‘Custom built’ reputation, Monarch has designed:

  • Double entry booths;
  • Semi-automated spray systems;
  • Dual heating systems and a variety of baking configurations are available to ensure the optimum painting conditions for your business.

Available to all international customers.

Ultrafinish-Infrared-SystemsUltrafinish Infrared Systems©

  • Quartz heated booths, with dedicated spraying/baking areas, or full baking, through a proportional area control system;
  • No required distances or different selection for different colours;
  • No internal moving systems;
  • Infrared heating or normal gas, diesel drying options;
  • Available with drive through accessability;
  • Single or dual fans.

Available to all international customers.

Approximate dimensions and specifications are available to potential customers, Contact us!! Other Booth manufacturers neglect to address this issue of volatility. Ultimately their product will require constant repair and increased costs.