Fast Track Technology

Fast TrackThe Fast Track© system is the ultimate in productivity improvement. Spray booths and painting has advanced to the ultimate level of technology, and Monarch are the proud designers and distributors of Fast Track technology.

Imagine this…..operating an all in one spray booth and baking system where operators can move about freely, about their vehicle during the bake cycle.

This revolutionary system eliminates the effects of undiluted volatiles reducing explosions, or potential combustion. Therefore, improving safety for operators and the environment.


The Fast Track© is highly economical. Infrared Quartz heaters located along the walls and in the ceiling provide heat through thermal radiation.

This means that only panels painted increase in temperature – not the air around it. With this advanced technology, no longer must you wait for the oven to cool, before entering the bake cycle by waiting for a large volume of air to come to temperature -The Fast Track© system solves all of these issues increasing productivity by up to 60%



Advantages of the Fast Track© system:

  • Reducing cycle times
  • Improving physical ease of application of water-borne spray paints
  • Providing a safe solution for the environment.
  • Simple, highly flexible and personalized installation of spray equipment which minimises disruption to the workshop

The Fast Track© system is the choice of the next generation of spray shops.
Monarch Industries (Aust.) Pty. Ltd. is the first to market with this exciting new technology – be the first to offer your customers the superior edge while increasing revenue to your bottom line.