CRS Advanced

THE CRS Advantage Cure

Everything you need in one little package…

Remember in the 80’s when there were lots of ‘inventions’ which were basically putting a clock in a bed, or combining a CD player and a Tape deck? Well, we’ve done a similar thing, only we’ve made something useful.

By integrating a Mixing Room into the design of a Complete Refinish System, there’s now even less reason for painters to leave the comfort of their booth.

  • Think about the benefits:
  • Prepare and paint in the same area – Less Car Movement
  • Mixing room is within the booth – Less walking for the painter
  • Painter ‘owns’ a booth – Booth is kept cleaner
  • More time in the booth = More time on the job

The CRS Advanced is one of the compact, all-in-one solution on the market. Measuring just 8.4 x 5.4m, it’s compact design allows Crash Repairers to maximise the production of their shop floor. The CRS Advanced saves you over 60% floor space as compared to conventional Prep Bay/Mix Room/Booth operation.

Built to AS4114.1 Standards, the CRS Advanced allows owners/managers to reach the next echelon of performance, at a fraction of a cost of our competitors. Give us a call on 08 8295 2633 for more information.

Baked in a CRS Advanced